The major institution for promoting and strengthening the competitiveness of Micro, small and medium scale industries for sustainable development of the Zanzibar economy


To facilitate an access to resources required by micro, small, medium scale industries in the production of competitive goods and services

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Excellence
  • Impartiality.

Core functions of the SMIDA

In carrying out its mandate, SMIDA has a number of functions that are core to its existence and are geared towards ensuring the fulfilment of its vision and mission and the achievement as per its Act No 2 of 2018. The core functions of the organization include the following:-

  • Innovate and implement programs to support the development of MSMI
  • Encourage the establishment and development of MSMI
  • Provide advice, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the performance of MSMI
  • Establish, operate or facilitate access to affordable financial services and non-financial services for MSMI projects
  • To advise the Government for all matters of the development of Micro, Small and Medium Industries
  • Initiate, coordinate and support marketing activities for MSMI products and services. 
  • Facilitate the development of Micro Small and Medium Industries in rural areas by promoting the use of skills and resources available in those areas;
  • Provide and promote competent training services for active and prospective entrepreneurs and employees of Micro Small and Medium Industries;
  • Provide advisory services for Micro Small and Medium Industries in strengthening product and quality standards by focusing on the development and efficient use of technology, packaging, product design and technical services;
  • Provide proper and affordable work premises in industrial sites for MSMIs.
  •  Advise and support Micro Small and Medium Industries in acquiring proper equipment for their work either by buying, renting or through other trade or business agreement;
  • Providing technical services through mechanical and electrical workshops operation
  • Facilitate access to local, regional and international markets for MSMI products and services;
  • Coordinate and facilitate activities and programs of common interest to MSMIs;
  • Propose to the Government through the Minister, proper incentives to, and necessary protection of, MSMIs;




Board Chairman

Director General

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